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Welcome at Dutch Industrial Fasteners

From January 1st  2016 Dutch Industrial Fasteners have merged with Pimentel Fasteners

Contact information: sales@pimentel.nl  telephone: +31 (0)297 237000

Per 1 januari 2016 zijn alle activiteiten van Dutch Industrial Fasteners overgenomen door Pimentel Fasteners

Contact gegevens: verkoop@pimentel.nl telefoon: +31 (0)297 237000

Ab 1. Januar 2016 ist Dutch Industrial Fasteners Zusammengeschlossen mit Pimentel Fasteners. 

Kontaktdaten: verkauf@pimentel.nl Tel: +31 (0)297 237000

A partir du 1er Janvier 2016 toutes les activités de Dutch Industrial Fasteners sont reprises par Pimentel Fasteners.

Coordonnées : verkoop@pimentel.nl téléphone: +31 (0)297 237000


The flexible stud bolt supplier - rush delivery from large stock

Stud bolts ASTM:

Stock (both in 5 meter threaded rod as well as already cut to length studbolt) of all ASTM grades from (A193 and A320) B7, L7, L43, B16, B7M, L7M, B8, B8CL2, B8M, B8MCL2, B8T with all corresponding nuts (A194) 2H, G3, G4, G7, G8, G8M, G8T .
In Steel, Sizes ranges from ¼" to 3¾" and M8 to M64. In stainless steel we have stock up to 2" and M39. We have UNC bar and nuts in stock up to 1½" and also M30-M39 are available in pitch3. Nuts in A194 grade 3 are also ex-stock, metric and imperial. For Hexagon bolts we have stock of B7, L7, B8 and B8MCL2 in both metric and imperial sizes. These are cut to length on customer requirement.

DIN standard:

Stock of bar in 21CrMoV5.7 (incl. 3.2 material certificates) and C35E (ex CK35) incl 3.1 ; Nuts 21CrMov5.7, 25CrMo4 (ex 24CrMo5) and C35E (ex CK35) in DIN 2510 (incl. 3.1 material certificates).
In threaded rod also stock in 5.6 including 3.1 and nuts h=0.8d in Class 5.
Also standard washers to DIN 125 are ex stock in plain, zinc plated, zinc plated yellow, hot dip galvanized and in A2 and A4. Within the DIN range we have good possibilities in A2 and A4 bolts and nuts (DIN 931, 933, 934).


Zinc plating, cadmium, aluminium, Sherard or other coatings can be done on very short delivery times. For the PTFE / Teflon /Fluorocarbon coating and hot dip galvanizing, we keep nuts in stock oversized to fit the coated bolts in materials 2H, G4 and G7 in both metric and imperial.


In all materials to DIN or ASTM, in studs, hexagon bolts or according to drawing. Within DIN we have good possibilities for 10.9 to drawing including 3.2 certificates. These are mainly used in turbines and heavy lifting. In ASTM some of our specialties are Titanium, Inconel, B8C, B5/3, Monel 400 / K500, Inconel / Alloy 601 / 625 / 825, Duplex / Superduplex / UNS S 32760 / 32750 / 31803, Zeron 100, 1.4462, B22, B23CL2, B24, Uranus B6 (904L), A453 G660A or B, and Duplex UNS S 32760.

Certification :

We have established ourselves a material certification system, to guarantee full traceability of our end products. Furthermore we are ISO 9001 approved and authorized to produce 3.1 and 3.2 certificates. For our Russian export, we are able to deliver certificates to GOST R / GOST TR  Russia + both declarations, all in accordance with GOSTSTANDARD and ROSTECJREGULIRNOVANJE. Certificates in System of GAZPROMcert can also be provided by our partner.

Origin and service-region:

Origin of materials are Western European. However projects with eastern origin are possible on request.

We deliver to East-West-South-Europe / Scandinavië / + worldwide to Argentinia, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Israël, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Uruguay, USA-FL,…